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Formerly known as the Bank of Webster Groves building, today it is home to San Jose Mexican Restaurant and Makers Market.


This brick, cast iron facade and stucco building was built as the original location of the Bank Of Webster Groves in 1901 as a three storefront building. It replaced the Allen Building with its music hall which burned in February 1899 and before that the first commercial store in Webster Groves operated by Augustus Moody was at this spot, built in 1864.


The Cast Iron cornice was fabricated by the The Mesker Iron Works Company of St. Louis. Each space has 18-foot pressed metal ceilings. Here is a story in the Missouri Historical Society's Gateway magazine in 2012.


For many years in the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s the corner store was a grocery store, first as Fred's Food Shop and later as Jones Market. Fred Straub had his hardware store in 31 N. Gore in 1927


In 1970, The Artichoke moved in and became an early restaurant success serving an eclectic mix of fresh foods and soups. In 1974 it became Two Nice Guys Restaurant and was the go to spot in Webster for 30 years.


In 2012 La Cantina Mexican Restaurant remodeled the space into a more modern kitchen and beautiful interior decor. Then in 2014, San Jose Mexican Restaurant continued operations in the unique space.


31 North Gore, the southern most space is now a unique market for creative makers, called The Makers Market.


Here is an oral history from the Webster Groves Historical Society tour.

Audio Tour

31 North Gore:
  • Rutherford Hdwe & Electric Co - 1926

  • Fred Straub Hdwe - 1927-1929

  • James H. Rudd Jewelry - 1952

  • Vacant - 1974-1976

  • Movies Unlimited - 1984-1987

  • Two Nice Guys - 1989-2003

  • Crossings Bar & Restaurant - 2003-2007

  • Sandbox Creative - 2007-2011

  • Body Temple Massage - 2012-2015

  • Morgan Ford Massage - 2015-

33 North Gore:
  • M. Langsan Dry Goods - 1916-1939

  • The Clothes Horse Resale Shop - 1958

  • Doll Heating & Cooling - 1962

  • James Williams Cleaning - 1975

1982 - 115-117 West Lockwood
1982 - 115-117 West Lockwood
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