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Today most well-known as the Webster Records building, it is home to McCaughen & Burr Fine Art and Frame Gallery.


This brick and stucco building was built by the Gorlock Realty Company in 1918 as a three storefront building with each store being approximately 1000 sq feet on the street level and similar size basements with walkouts to parking behind. It is styled in the 1920s brick vernacular. Early merchants included Arch Wolverson Grocer, Singer Sewing Machines, Wiese's Market and Cactus Coffee Room & Rathskellar.


In 1948, Velvet Freeze opened in the building and in 1963 combined the western two store fronts into one for their ice cream and food establishment that became an iconic hangout for more than 30 years.  In 1987 the western larger storefront was reopened as Starrs Wines and remained opened for a few years before they moved to Clayton.


Webster Records became a long-standing tenant in 1990 when they substantially remodeled the building, moved their landmark sign from across the street, and began a 22 year run at the famed location.


Tenants in the Eastern most space have included Tri-City Cleaners, Trains To Go and MaxJazz.


In 2012, McCaughen & Burr decided to move from 19 North Gore Avenue to this building and began an extensive remodel and restoration of the space and in 2013 re-opened a beautiful art gallery and frame store.

Here is an audio tour from the Webster Groves Historical Society:

Audio Tour

1982 - 115-117 West Lockwood
1934-02-09 Cactus Room 119 W Lockwood -
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